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Premium Apparel Sourcing Company

Excellence in Apparel

​Embark on the path to success with Manson Industrial – your trusted partner in the world of apparel. We understand the complexity of the apparel industry, and we make it all seem effortless!

Expertise for Your Success

The apparel category is a diverse landscape, and we possess the specialised knowledge needed to ensure your products excel in functionality, fit, quality, and aesthetics. With dedicated product managers and garment technicians, we assemble an entire team around your brand, ensuring that your garments meet all your requirements.

Our expertise extends across a wide range of apparel subcategories, including:​

  • Childrenswear

  • Activewear

  • Underwear

  • Workwear

  • Casualwear

  • Accessories

  • Trendy fashion

Your Apparel Specialists

When you partner with Manson Industrial, you receive a dedicated production manager and garment technician who are well-versed in mitigating risks and solving challenges. Through our extensive network, our apparel team keeps you informed about emerging trends, new fabrications, pricing, and industry developments, offering a broader range of options to push the boundaries of your brand.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We understand that product specifications often come with large minimum order requirements and cost considerations. Your dedicated team will strategise to ensure that your specifications align with your budget while exploring alternative solutions when possible. For example, in categories like lingerie and intimates, we can identify cost-effective strategies, such as using repeat patterns to maintain aesthetics while reducing costs.

The Perfect Fabrication

Every apparel subcategory requires suitable fabrics to ensure proper functionality. Whether it's lingerie, activewear, or anything else, our specialised team has an in-depth understanding of the fabric game, knowing what's crucial for each product.

Unparalleled Buying Power

Leverage our industry expertise and buying power. We can secure the best deals in terms of price, quality, and lead times because we place multiple orders across our extensive portfolio.

Clothing Manufacturing Services
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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Australia Headquarter

608 Harris St, Sydney NSW 2007


China Office
6 Jianshe Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China


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